Emma dreams in glitter. Drawing on an eclectic, multicultural background steeped heavily in the pop culture scenes of London, Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles, Emma has successfully fused her lifelong fascination with pop art and urban subculture in SHINE. Her personal aesthetic is a mix of retro glam, rock and roll, Japanime and old school punk. With her eccentric style and vision, Emma is fashioning SHINE into its own vibrant subculture, embracing self-respecting pop culture vultures of all age groups, from progressive grannies to alternative babies. She is enthusiastic about everything she represents -- she doesn't just sell things, she believes in them. 


SHINE's mission is to demonstrate that all aspects of living can be infused with design, joy and color. We aim to provide unique products that are at once trailblazing, dynamic and functional. Inspired by international kitsch, polka-dots and David Bowie, our purpose is to create a stylish retail space dedicated to imaginative interpretations of modern experiences. At SHINE, pop culture and subculture collide to offer you one-of-a-kind, eclectic lifestyle accessories. Our goods are carefully curated to color your world in radiant hues, while upholding flair and a sense of the absurd.